• REAL Freeze Dried Rose Petals
  • Best Value for Petals!
  • 100 cups of petals
  • Great For Aisles
  • Assorted Dyed colors
Price: $89.95
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    Our Bulk Budget Petals are an assortment of imperfect Premium and Specialty freeze dried rose petals which are ideal for large quantity decorations. While they are not recommended for table decoration nor uses where they are closely observed, they are an excellent value for thick outdoor pathways and large volume petal drops (from helicopters, rooftops, etc.). We keep all of our dyed petals separate from the other blends and offer them in this special dyed case. We currently have more blue and teal in the blend than the other colors.

    Please provide your Event Date. We schedule orders to ship based on your event date to ensure you receive the best quality petals possible. Since they are a natural product, the colors will fade over time. By shipping about 2-3 weeks prior to your event, you receive the most vibrant color possible! If you don't need the petals for any specific event, please just note that instead. If your event is within the next 3 weeks, we will ship as soon as we can. If it's over 3 weeks away, we will reserve your petals and email you the estimated shipping week.