It all stared back in 1998 when we began preserving bridal bouquets with a process called freeze drying. We served the local market for several years before starting to sell freeze dried rose petals. We added silk rose petals to our product line, and soon we found our home-based business had outgrown our house. Four moves later finds us at a 7300 square foot building in a corporate park that's now "home" to Petal Garden!

For our freeze dried rose petals, we start by working with importers in Miami to bring in the best roses possible. Once they are in our shop, we pull them apart petal by petal, separating out imperfect petals and saving only the best for our Premium collection. After about two weeks in a freeze dryer, they are perfectly preserved and available for shipping. We custom package every order, again sorting out any petals that don't make the grade, ensuring you receive the finest petals available.

We are direct importers of silk rose petals, and you won't find a larger color selection, anywhere else, plus they are in stock here in upstate NY, ready to ship the same day you order them. Our petals are custom dyed to correspond with the latest color trends.